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I want to give you something...

I want to give you something...something to help you that you might not even know you need...

I have a special gift for you as a thank you! Before, I tell you what it is, I want you to reassure you that the 'Farm Vision' is not dead! I am still listing it and praying about it as one of my goals every day, to have a farm and a youth program... but my life has become so much more!

Some Big Changes Started in December 2017...

As you may remember, I sold my house in Columbia, SC in August and returned to Virginia to learn I was no longer needed at the farm where I was working. This came as quite a shock since I had recently received a nice raise, but to be honest, I had already been looking for other opportunities, and was in a way, relieved to be done there.

I know that once I find the right team and finances, my farm will be a success and will help many people and youths.

(Hang in there with me a bit longer... You are going to love your gift!)

So, I have started another business endeavor. I truly, in my heart of hearts, love community, and local businesses & farms, and supporting local economies. You may remember my email announcement back in December. Since then I have expanded my offerings to include Web and Funnel site development, online marketing strategies, and business support including legal and business consultation service plans (through Legal Shield). I truly believe these services give entrepreneurs and small businesses a huge LEG UP to succeed.... thus, I am the 'Success Factor".

OK here it is....

I've been writing articles, learning to do videos to provide video content, and developing material that will help people make their hobby, passion, side business, or small business a successful endeavor. Some of the material will be geared to helping you personally as you step further into your dream or could be helpful information for your staff, contractors, or employees. And, some of the material will include deals on training and business tools I've vetted and found to be very helpful to me. So far, I've only shared this kind of stuff with people who have consulted with me on projects, but I want to GIVE it to you with NO OBLIGATION EVER, you can OPT-OUT any time!

From December to February, I spent 12 weeks in an intensive 10x Ambassador Mentorship program with Grant Cardone. I have been on calls with hugely successful greats like Grant Cardone, Ed Mylett, Daymond John, Naveen Jain (who I actually met), Brad Lea, and Tai Lopez, just to name a few. I've had daily study and done projects based on what these guys teach from how it made them successful, AND, I got to network with over 1300 very SERIOUS entrepreneurs from across the country for those 12 weeks as we all wrestled with the assignments and whatever life threw at us! I have learned SO much!! And the GREAT news is, I want to share that with you.

So, now it's time to really get traction.

I am coming into Spring with fresh energy and perspective... will you join me?

Oh My Gosh... I just realized, I LIED to you!!!

I actually have TWO gifts for you... LOL!

First, if you would like to receive this gift, please click HERE. You'll get "9 Things You Must Know About Placing Facebook Ads/Posts". The link will simply take you to my opt-in page so you can 'choose' to get my emails and that way I'm all above-board with my email handlers! From there, you will get access to this first publication. I've written several short e-books that will be compiled into a larger book and sold. But I'm giving this one away right now as a gift to you.

Because I value you as a long-time acquaintance and friend and your opinion and support matters to me A LOT, I'm asking you for a couple of things...

1. For this and future information I send out, I need your feedback. I want to be better tomorrow than I am today so, If my messages aren't relevant to you, or you have an idea of what would make the information better for you... Please let me know!! I greatly appreciate your time in writing or calling and I will read and respond to all feed back. See contact info below. 2. I would REALLY be grateful if you would, help me in 3 ways:

* Opt in to get the info I'll send periodically

* 'LIKE" my Facebook business page. (If we're not

already friends on FB you can find me as

Jan Nirri)

3. Getting visitors to my Website will help me get ranked with Google searches so please, check out my Website and share it with anyone you know who might benefit from the info and services there: 4. Help me spread the word of my business by sharing my business posts on Facebook, and these emails. This is my biggest challenge and the one you can help me with the most!

My second gift is this.... YOU are invited. A group of us from the Ambassador group are going on a 90 day challenge to take intentional steps everyday toward growing our businesses. This is a FREE thing happening through my entrepreneur group. My friend, Jeff Trimble, a 24 year old entrepreneur in Oregon, who is a successful and serious online marketing genius that I'm learning from, is putting this together. We are starting April 1st, 2018. If you've been on the fence getting your business started, or are stuck in your progress and need to get around some people who are committed to making things happen then you'll want to connect with this Facebook group "Real Entrepreneur Network". Jeff has already posted a lot of really valuable info on that page..... and if you want to see more of what Jeff offers check out this link

To summarize everything I've offered here:

1) FREE e-book gift to you: "9 Things You Must Know About Placing Facebook Ads/Posts". 2) Chance to join the 90 day challenge: "Real Entrepreneur Network" 3) Jeff's VERY thorough online marketing course: Jeff Trimble's SYS Course

Thanks for getting to the bottom of this! I'll look forward to connecting with you through these new channels.

Life is Great, Be Excited!

Las Vegas, 10x Growth Conference 2018 Who wants to be average? We all have so much capacity to help others, our communities, and our world!! Want to join me? Let's connect!

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