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Strategies to get Ranked Online

So, you built your own Website or Funnel and are ready to start getting visitors. But just how do you do that? It can take some time for GOOGLE and other search engines to ‘find’ your site and begin meshing it with the other rankings in your industry so that people can actually do a search and find your site without having to put in the exact address.

You may be familiar with the term SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO is based on what people are searching for on the internet. And although each of us is special and unique, we tend to come up with the same words to find something. For example, if you want to find a place to get a hair cut in your area many of us would type in something

like ‘hair cuts near me’ or ‘hair salons near me’. Therefore, if you use those ‘keywords’ (hair cuts, or hair salons) on your site to describe your services and pictures, and use those words as your SEO, google will find you as a match for those searches. The more often you use those words on your site (as in blogs, service descriptions, photo descriptions) the more the search engines will recognize your site in that category… this is called ranking.

Ranking is what will get your business to show in the search results on the first page. You can help your rankings by having a congruent message across various platforms from social media to Websites to events you participate in that get published on the internet. You should google yourself sometime! And you should definitely google your business name. Make it your goal that the search result displays only stuff about you or your business. This sends a message that you/your business are engaged and active in your industry or business community. It helps people know who you are which helps them to trust you. And people will buy from people they know, like, and trust. Make sense?

So, here are some next step things you can do to accelerate and boost the process of getting your site to work for you or ‘rank’ which will ultimately result in more sales...

  1. Find out (if you don't know already) what your SEO keywords are

  2. If you have a person supporting your site on a retained basis they will most likely be using Google Analytics to monitor and adjust your SEO and advertising. If you don't have a person supporting your site for you there are some simple (free/low-cost) apps you can add to your site that help you monitor traffic on your site. Google Analytics is a powerful tool but is quite involved to learn and apply. For the clients I have who want to do their own site support, I recommend starting with Web-Stat. The paid version of Web-Stat gives you more information about visitors and allows the app to be invisible on your site. Don’t worry, it’s not creepy spying!! It will give you things like the location of the visitor, how long they were on your site, which pages they visited, what site they came from, and what platform they were using. By placing the app in the footer of your home page, it will gather data from all of your pages. Monitoring your SEO and site traffic is a critical piece to the success of your online campaign and business, so let me know if you need help with this part.

  3. Basically, you need three things in place to market effectively.

  4. Build or establish your business 'engines' (Website/Funnel/Social Media);

  5. Get people to visit your sites/pages

  6. Have a strategy to keep them engaged after you've connected with them. Of course, this is assuming your business structure is established and you have a process for taking your prospect through to home owner status that yields a positive (and therefore generating word of mouth advertising) experience for everyone.

  7. Getting people to visit your site means maximizing your SEO, building your advertising, and creating engagement campaigns around that SEO and what your target customer needs. Remember to include your SEO keywords in these posts & ads. This includes ( * = priority, work on these first):

  8. *Blog posts

  9. *Facebook posts & ads

  10. *Instagram posts & ads

  11. *Video posts (videos are not searchable – yet – so, make sure you also include a transcript and/or tags.

  12. Follow up strategy (calls/texts/emails to them personally)

  13. Follow up campaign (2 auto-generated email series – for two separate lists… one for those who connected with you and didn’t buy, and one for those who did buy). You can develop a third email series to re-engage with people who have not engaged with you in a while. Email campaigns should have 3-5 emails around the same subject/product, offer value and sometimes offer products or services.

  14. ClickFunnels offers a FREE Book that will give you tons of ideas that are proven techniques to generate traffic for either leads or sales. You just pay shipping: FREE BOOK: Dot.Com Secrets

  15. If you want to learn more about effective posting and ads on social media, Jeff Trimble is my go-to guy. He is an expert in this area and is offering a very comprehensive course (The SYS System) that is full of practical and sound strategies for growth on just about any social media platform you can think of!

Employing these strategies takes a commitment to putting your business out there on a daily basis. It takes time and trial and error. Many people want to take this task on themselves and that’s fine. Anyone can learn to use these tools and strategies, but it will take time and attention away from your business while you are learning, adjusting, and getting all these things working for you. On the other hand, you may decide you don’t want to hassle with everything involved here. If that’s the case, I offer many services and collaborate closely with other expert professionals who can handle these critical tasks for you.

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